Payments and Invoices

How do I turn off Auto Renewal?

Have a question about Auto Renewal or plan cancellation?

Shutterstock Tax Collection (non-US)

Learn about Shutterstock’s international tax collection policy.

Does Shutterstock charge any cancellation fees?

For certain plans, an early cancellation fee may be assessed. Learn more here.

How do I get an invoice?

While we don't provide invoices for online purchases, receipts are readily available [...]

How can I change my account information?

Reviewing and editing your account information is simple. Read on for details.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Payment via Paypal is not currently supported. We do, however, offer other [...]

VAT charges on past purchases

A valid VAT number must be provided at the time of your order. For past charges [...]

How do I apply a discount code to my purchase?

If you’ve received a discount code, you can use it toward any Shutterstock Standard [...]

How do I give you my VAT number?

If you have a VAT number, you will need to enter it in your account here. If [...]

Why is my card not being accepted?

If you’re having problems completing credit card purchases online, we will gladly [...]

Shutterstock Tax Collection (US)

Sales tax may be assessed on purchases based on state and local tax laws.

Can I pay by bank or wire transfer?

Yes! Contact Shutterstock Support to get an invoice and instructions on paying via [...]

Can I pay by check?

Shutterstock does accept payment by check or money order, but it may delay your [...]

My invoice used to say “Shutterstock Netherlands” on it - why doesn’t it now?

This means you once transacted with Shutterstock's Netherlands business entity, [...]

Can I pay by purchase order or periodic invoicing?

Purchase order and periodic invoicing is available exclusively with our corporate [...]

I’m in the Netherlands. Do I have to pay VAT on my purchases?

Customers in the Netherlands can enter a valid VAT number to exempt their purchases [...]

What does "reverse charge" mean?

This means that we've added your VAT number to your order, removing VAT from your [...]

Why do I see multiple currencies listed on my receipt?

This is due to European Union regulations that require invoices to show currency [...]

Can I send you vendor forms?

In some cases, Shutterstock can agree to fill out and sign customer vendor [...]

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