How do Shutterstock image subscription plans work?

Shutterstock offers flexible plans for all your image needs.

Standard License vs. Enhanced License

What are the differences between the Standard and Enhanced Licenses?

How I get proof that I licensed Shutterstock content?

Where to find proof of license for specific Shutterstock content.

About the Image Detail Page

Learn all about the image detail page, where you can preview images, license them, [...]

Redownloading Images

Previously purchased images are free to redownload at any time.

How do I get a receipt?

All receipts are stored in your account, so you can access and/or print them [...]

How do I download Images?

Learn how to begin downloading from Shutterstock’s vast image library.

When can I download my Images?

The timeframe during which you can download Images depends on the type of plan you [...]

Single vs. Multi-user accounts

If you currently have a subscription for a single-user, this means only one person [...]

Can I have multiple image plans in my account?

Yes, you can have multiple plans in your Shutterstock account. You can have multiple [...]

How can I use editorial content?

Learn how Shutterstock's "Editorial Use Only" content can be used.

Shutterstock Editorial License

Access the latest Shutterstock editorial images.

Can Shutterstock curate a Collection of images for me?

If you have a Premier account, image research and image Collection creation services [...]

Does royalty-free mean that Shutterstock content is free?

You can avoid paying royalties on images by purchasing the usage rights once.

How do I get free images on Shutterstock?

Shutterstock offers a free trial as well as a free image of the week.

What is Shutterstock's Premier license?

This is Shutterstock's strongest license - learn how to make it work for you!

What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is a leading global provider of high-quality licensed images, videos, [...]

What is an Enhanced License?

Shutterstock's Enhanced License provides greater flexibility.

What kind of image plans does Shutterstock offer?

Shutterstock offers image plans and packs suited for a wide range of uses.

Where to Buy Stock Photos

How does one go about buying stock photos?

Can Shutterstock images be used for Logos and Trademarks?

Learn about using Shutterstock images for logos or trademarks.

What exactly is "merchandise?"

Read about the definition of merchandise and how it relates to Shutterstock [...]

Purchasing small Image packs

What if I don't need a large number of Images?

Are licenses transferrable?

You can use Shutterstock content for your clients, but will need a Premier license [...]

How can I increase the size of an image?

Let's take a look at and how to do it - and how to minimize loss of quality.

What are stock photos for commercial use?

Learn about the commercial usage of stock photos.

What is the Shutterstock API Platform License?

Supports in-application asset licensing and resell

How to License Content for a Team

Learn how to ensure your whole team has access to content and is legally protected.

Does Shutterstock have a Free Trial?

Shutterstock offers a 1 month free trial on a 10 images-per-month subscription.

What Stock Photos Sell Best?

Selling Stock Photos Doesn't Have to be Difficult

Can I use Images on Facebook and other social sites?

You can use Shutterstock content on social media websites, including Facebook, [...]

Can I use Images for my self-published book or on-demand book?

Print on demand books. Shutterstock images may be used for print on demand [...]

Can I use Images for sensitive subjects?

All Images: Shutterstock images may not be used together with pornographic, [...]

Can I get comp Images or Clips?

Need to try out an Image or Clip in your project before making a purchase?

What is Shutterstock's Media license?

This is Shutterstock's most customizable license - learn how to make it fit your [...]

Can I use Images on my website?

Yes! You can use Shutterstock images on websites without any restrictions on the [...]

Why is some content marked "Editorial Use Only?"

Editorial content is not cleared for commercial use.

Can I sell products with Shutterstock Images on them?

The Enhanced License allows use of Images on merchandise, both for sale and for free [...]

How can I get permission to use Editorial content for commercial purposes?

Learn about available options for getting special clearance to use Editorial content [...]

What is Shutterstock's Premier platform?

Learn more about the features offered by our advanced platform.

Can I edit the content I license?

Learn about what kind of edits can be made to various Shutterstock content.

Does your content have model/property releases?

Learn about model and property releases for footage and images.

Can I use images for web or print templates?

Yes! Choose the Enhanced License when creating templates.

Can I use Images on products ordered on demand?

Shutterstock’s Enhanced License allows you to use images on Merchandise for sale or [...]

What Size Stock Photo Should I Buy?

What goes into buying the right photo?

How can I share my image Collection with other people?

Shutterstock makes it easy to share image Collections.

How long can I use Images that I downloaded from Shutterstock?

With the Shutterstock Image licenses, there is no set time frame for using the [...]

How can I use your content exclusively?

Shutterstock normally offers images and footage through royalty-free licensing. But [...]

Can I use Images on packaging?

Yes! Depending on your project, you may need our Enhanced License.

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